Our Vision

  • Globalization

We recruit the talent regardless of nationality for the purpose of expanding global market. Continuing on improving the existing stethoscope and cardiac care equipment in order to promote the more efficient and more precise medical procedures to the world and make IMEDIPLUS the benchmark in the global medical device manufacturing industry.

  • Quality

"Quality, Safety, Innovation & Effectiveness" is the quality policy of IMEDIPLUS. We are committed to providing outstanding products and services to customers all over the world based on the progress and innovation of products.

  • Business strategy

To provide highly integrated medical care solutions to help customers create a good doctor-patient relationship. Emphasizing on patient safety, personal data protection, and establishing a high standard of information security protection to provide medical data services with high-security, high-satisfaction.

  • Business culture

We adhere to integrity, cooperation, communication, and courage for challenging and trying new things.

  • Sound communication

enhance the integrity between employees and make them think calmly, accept opinions or improve themselves in the face of conflict. On the other hand, the establishment of open communication brings brainstorming, goal setting and unity.

  • Challenging working environment

Provide the employees a challenging work environment, related education and training courses, and diversified learning development to attract and retain like-minded talent.

  • Sustainable business

Long-term planning and implementation avoiding short-sighted and waste of resources. Working on combining the relevant medical resources to contribute to the community in the future.