Premium Cardiology Stethoscope TS6000

Premium Cardiology Stethoscope  TS6000

The one-piece head is equipped with patented tunable diaphragms on both diaphragm and bell sides, that is especially suitable for cardiologists to listen to subtle changes in high-frequency and low-frequency heart sounds.


Three characteristics of  CaRDIaRT stethoscope  

  • Enhanced tubing design

Enhanced tubing for isolating environmental noise and optimizing sound transmission. 30,000 times of over 120-degree bending test proves the durability and non-deformation.

  • Multiple patented airtight diaphragm

The patented airtight diaphragm that filters ambient noise.

  • Comfortable ear-tips design

Ergonomic ear-tips of two dimension to improve the comfort of auscultation.


Product Name

Premium Cardiology Stethoscope

Model number


Single/ Dual-head


The diameter of diaphragm side

4 .5 cm

The diameter of bell side

3.5 cm

Selection of Diaphragm

Tunable diaphragmDiaphragm and Bell sides

Selection of Color