Professional Electronic Stethoscope DS101

Reviving the Art of Auscultation


Four innovative and thoughtful designs

1.The patented organ map makes the sound recordings more detailed
The organ position is simultaneously recorded during the auscultation. There is a total of 32 positions of 4 organs, including 6 positions for neck, 5 for heart, 12 for anterior/ posterior chest, and 9 for abdomen. 

2.Sound filtering and frequency selection highlighting the pathological sound
Use frequency separation technology to reduce environmental noise and accurately perform various organ sounds.
The bell mode (B mode) is suitable for auscultating heart sounds (20-200 Hz).
The diaphragm mode (D mode) is suitable for auscultating sounds of lung and other organs (100-500 Hz).

3.28 decibel of auscultation amplification facilitates the recognition of subtle heart sounds
Physicians can listen to every subtle sound and can also connect an external speaker for teaching and sharing.

4.Visualized phonocardiogram helps identify heart murmurs
Performing real-time sound waveforms to visualize auscultation, helping doctors identify heart murmurs more easily.



Organ Map

Select and set up in menu

Recording Number

160 cases

Audio Output

Audio jack/plug

Display Size

1.5 inches

Frequency Mode




Phono Magics APP

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AAA Alkaline battery

Standby Time

1 week


1 year