Wireless 12-Lead Electrocardiograph Monitor MCE12L001


  • This 12-Lead designed ECG monitor is the most effective way to detect abnormal heart rhythms.
  • The electrocardiogram is transmitted to a mobile device of iOS system via Bluetooth for the purpose of observing the changes of the myocardial damage as a further reference for evaluation and use by medical personnel.

This product cannot be used as the sole basis for diagnosing disease.


  • Instant Bluetooth transmission

The electrocardiogram can be immediately transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth for instant reviewing.

  • Compact, lightweight and easy carry

The product weighs only 152g (with battery) which is the same weight as a smart phone.

  • Report storage & 4G transmission

The ECG data is stored in PDF format and can be fast transmitted with 4G.

  • Cloud system & platform management

The cloud system can e-form the record and connect with the EMS command center.

Use scenarios

  • Grasp of the 90-minute rescue time of myocardial infraction

Patients with acute myocardial infarction are immediately checked at the scene to shorten the time of ECG interpretation and the preparation time of cardiac catheterization.

  • Recognize potential patients

Regularly monitoring the changes of atrial enlargement, ventricular hypertrophy, arrhythmia, myocardial hypoxia, abnormal conduction and other heart diseases for immediate treatment to relieve fatal crisis.
Playing the role of the solution of telemedicine to be used by health care personnel in public spaces, such as nursing home, long-term care institution, and etc.


Product dimension

 13.5 cm(L), 7.5 cm(W), 2.4 cm(H)

Product weight

About 152g (including battery)



Data transmission

 Low-power Bluetooth transmission

Transmission distance

 10 m

Power supply

 2 AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries