Single/Dual Head Stethoscope TS3000-S/D

Single/Dual Head Stethoscope  TS3000-S/D

Three types of patented airtight diaphragm that filters ambient noise, in addition to tunable diaphragm, there are also individual diaphragm and once diaphragm which can greatly reduce the probability of cross infection.


Three characteristics of  CaRDIaRT stethoscope  

  • Enhanced tubing design

Enhanced tubing for isolating environmental noise and optimizing sound transmission. 30,000 times of over 120-degree bending test proves the durability and non-deformation.

  • Multiple patented airtight diaphragm

The patented airtight diaphragm that filters ambient noise.

  • Comfortable ear-tips design

Ergonomic ear-tips of two dimension to improve the comfort of auscultation.